Gold IRA Investment

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Why invest in Gold IRA? Gold can protect your future, period. Did you know that adding it to your portfolio could improve your portfolio volatility, add more opportunity to profit and serve as a hedge vs. any downturn in the economy? In case you’ve not considered it for retirement planning, it is high time you do NOW.

  • Are you planning for retirement?
  • Do you want protection from economic downturns?
  • Do you want a more stable future?
  • Are you looking to diversify your investment portfolio?
  • Do you want peace of mind from inflation?
  • Do you want to live your life to the fullest even after retirement?

If these sound like you, then you should invest in Gold IRA.

“YES, I’m planning for retirement. Can gold investment be for me?”

Yes!  Whether you’re investing gold for long-term investment or small savings, buying gold into your self-directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can protect your future –   and YOUR WEALTH.

It can increase risk-adjusted returns, too. Gold within your balanced retirement investment portfolio helps you reduce its risk and protect it against any economic downturns – including that in the stock market.

A perfect investment product – GOLD IRA

It becomes more accessible for individuals like YOU who want to secure their future.

 “What are the approved precious metal products?”

The IRS approved metal items are gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

You can use GOLD as one of your investment strategies.

Gold IRA is a sound diversification for your retirement portfolio – it must be part of your retirement planning. Include it in your retirement investment portfolio and get 100% protection against inflation and economic crisis.

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Introducing Regal Assets

Choosing Regal Assets for Gold IRA reduces investment and retirement portfolio volatility. It can help balancing your portfolio – and protect it from economic and financial crisis.

Gold is also a tangible asset, making the safety and profitability of your portfolio achievable. Even a small percentage of it in your retirement account can increase investment performance in two ways.

  • One, it can reduce risk without affecting returns.
  • Two, it can increase returns but not risk.

Quick Facts about Regal Assets

  • Regal Assets has been around since 2009.
  • Tyler Gallagher founded it.
  • It started with only $5,000 investment
  • It became the MOST TRUSTED AND SUCCESSFUL gold IRA firm in the US 7 years later.

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Why Regal Assets

That was the same question as we had.  That’s why we researched and dug deeper to find out more about it.

What we found?  It has a solid reputation and strong performance record, as verified by top ratings and being featured on the best finance and business websites.

  • A+ BBB Rating
  • AAA BCA Rating
  • #20 INC 500
  • Featured on Bloomberg Business Week, Market Watch, Smart Money, Inc. 500, Forbes, The Street and REUTERS

They do not use a pushy approach or make cold calls. They just do what they do – excellently. Clients select them for focus on high-purity bullion approved for IRA investing.

  1. Fill out the setup form and submit it.
  2. The team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
  3. Transfer funds. Regal Assets will work with your custodian so that he can transfer the funds from any of your accounts into the Precious Metals IRA Account.
  4. Start placing your order. Once the funds are received, Regal Assets will fulfill the order according to the type of bars and bullion coins in which you’re interested.

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Regal Assets is an official retailer listed with the US Mint. The company has more than hundreds of millions in the total “retirement account transfers.” It is the first one in the industry that offers live video tape showing the client’s metal arrivals at the depository for accounts.

Regal Assets also has segregated storage – ensuring your bars or bullions are safe and separated from other accounts.  They also offer an option of storing retirement accounts overseas– with ZERO penalties and taxes.

The company can buy the metals back on any working day of the week and have the funds in your possession with one day of sale.

Finally, the team offers expert answers to questions and concerns – with clarity and without sounding aggressive or pushy.

The DSC Consolidation Team is always on the lookout for great investment strategies and portfolio diversification techniques. We don’t feature any firm or company without reviewing it thoroughly.  


  • Hedge vs. declining dollar and money printing policies
  • Hedge against deflation and inflation
  • Safe investment even during financial and economic turmoil
  • Value store
  • Portfolio protection and diversification
  • Increasing demand, limited supply