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Gold IRA: How to Invest Wisely

If you’re considering gold individual retirement accounts investments (Gold IRA), you must know how to invest wisely. When selecting to invest in gold, consider the following tips to be on the right track in this important life decision to make.

gold ira

Tips for Gold IRA Investments

See to it that your IRA plan allows gold investing. Remember that not all IRAs allow it. You may have to rollover the funds into the new account. Now if you have an eligible 401K plan, you can also consider rolling over that account into the new gold investment supported IRA.

Diversify your portfolio. The gold IRA is one of the most significant components of a plan for investment.  However, do not rely on it alone. Instead, you must spread your retirement investments for diversification and the best results.

Understand the limitations involved in the gold product to use in gold IRA investment. For example, coins should have a fineness of not less than .995 if you’re selecting gold coins. These coins must also be a legal tender in their origin country. An exception to this rule is the American Gold Eagle that has a lesser gold percentage. Other gold coins for investment to consider are the Australian Gold Kangaroo and the Canadian Maple Leaf.

See to it that the gold investments you’re making aren’t exempted from tax protections, which are offered to investment retirement account plans. To determine this matter, you may want to seek help from an investment adviser or an accountant.

Beginner’s Stock Market Investment Tips

You must select an IRA custodian or precious metals company with knowledge about gold investments. Look for one with the experience in the field, one with a solid background.

Consider your current financial situation and age to figure out the type of gold assets that you must invest in as well. You may want to seek help from an advisor for help in studying your options – one who knows about stability, best growth potential and retirement savings protection.

For more help, you may want to learn more about Gold IRA Investment on our site.  Finally, consider these tips to start right and secure your investments with gold IRA today!

Kill Bad Credit Review: Does It Work?

Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software Review

Today, let’s review this Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software.

Succeeding on trade stocks, futures or options isn’t easy. In fact, you might have used this and that or paid hundreds of dollars or even $$$$ just to learn how to do it correctly hoping for profits in the end.

If you’re reading now, then you are a trader on the stock market, futures or commodity. But as one, you don’t want to waste effort, money and time with unproven systems, hearsays and theories that just don’t work.

Relying on any untested INFORMATION should not be your thing.  Plus, you shouldn’t as your decision affects your earnings in the short and long term.

As you may already know whether you’re a casual or a serious trader – you cannot make serious and guaranteed ROI without a GUARANTEED TRADING SYSTEM.

While you may win once or follow what the crowd is saying, the truth is you won’t make money without an excellent trading system.

And if you do, you will just risk larger amounts than you would with a 100% proven system.

No one would like that to happen. So what’s a tested system that you should rely on as a trader?

The Excellent Techniques for Time and Price are the “Fibonacci and the Gann Square of Nine”

You might be intrigued. “What is this about?”

At first, I was, but I was enlightened.

Upon looking into it, I’ve learned that,

  • They are easy to apply, as it’s based on mathematical formulas. The application of these techniques is easy – and in fact, you don’t have to know how indicators will work nor use “basic data of a market” to a market.
  • They’re ideal for commodities and stocks trading.
  • The techniques are versatile to be used with other techniques. So by using it, you don’t have to limit yourself with the methods of technical analysis. The choice of using it by itself or with other strategies you know – is absolutely yours.

“What’s Unique about The Software?”

Let us admit to the fact that using the techniques mentioned requires thorough understanding of how they work.  More likely than not, you need to buy software of astronomical prices.

The bad news is that many of those tools available assume that all traders using them are already gauged with basic information – meaning they’re not user-friendly!

The Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software is user-friendly. Even those who have just started trading won’t have a hard time understanding it.

You just input the dates and prices, and then this software will start the work – churning out reversal points!

Yes, the software does the calculation for you!   There is no manual work involved for you.

The Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software also allows taking notes and exporting to file. Plus, it lets printing and saving data in seconds!

This system also comes with an intuitive and graphical interface.  All the details are presented in a CLEAR AND GRAPHICAL FORMAT that everyone can understand.

Best part is that the software combines both Fibonacci and Gann calculations – letting you choose from and then switch between the two. This feature lets you save money because other systems out there only have one of them included.

Lastly, it is not only easy to use and apply but also to install. Once you’ve reserved your copy, you can download it and then start within minutes.


PS: Get the Fibonacci & Gann Trading Software and Be Sure of Unconditional 100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee – meaning you have full 60 days of test-driving it!

credit bureau secrets exposed 11 Jun

Kill Bad Credit Review: Does It Work?

Is bad credit ruining your finances? Are you sick and tired of unmanageable credit that destroys your life and causes stress? 

You used to be happy and positive about life, but lately been feeling depressed, having trouble sleeping, and not living a quality life with financial independence.

Credit is humiliating. Bad credit is an even more humiliating thing. Kill bad credit.

And no matter how much money you’ve saved in your bank account or two, you’re going nowhere and feeling destroyed.

Does it sound like you? So if you’re….

  • Dreaming of a new house or car
  • Feeling embarrassed every time you her about credit rating
  • Always been denied in getting a new loan or credit
  • Forced to justify every purchase you’re making
  • Tired of getting offers of bad credit loans
  • Stressed dealing with demanding phone calls from collection agencies
  • Sick and tired of being a subject of humiliation

“We understand how you’re feeling.”

You don’t need to live in this never-ending cycle of stress and frustration. You have so much waiting for you.  It’s time to repair credit and get your life back!

  • Treat yourself and your family.
  • Live with financial freedom.
  • Have the opportunity to purchase things your heart desires.
  • Be able to choose which bills to pay and not to pay this month

Do not let credit score dictate the life you should live! Even if you’ve committed mistakes when you were younger, you deserve quality life – and live your dreams.

Introducing the Solution Used by the Thousands to Kill Bad Credit….

Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed is more than just an e-book. It’s simplified, clear and useful.

The e-book can walk you through the entire process of raising your credit score.  It highlights what you need to do in order to get rid of the negative items from your CREDIT REPORT. The guide also comes with example letters that you can use to make them look professional.

“Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed highlights workings of the US federal law rule 609 15 U.S.C subsection 1681g.”

What is it about? The federal law 609 15 U.S.C subsection 1681g is about “Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The e-book guides you on how to use the subsection for help.

Using the e-book, you don’t need to hire FIRMS, which charge between “$250-$500” per negative item removed. That’s top dollar savings for you! Best part: It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!

What we like

  • Systematic guide on all the processes you need
  • Sample letters
  • Concise, easy to understand language and presentation
  • 60-day money-back guarantee – no questions asked

What we don’t like

  • No support email or contact number

Remove Negative Items in Your Credit Report and Get Your Life Back… with Financial Freedom to Turn These Dreams into Reality!

  • Buy a new car
  • Get the respect you deserve
  • Stress-free life without bills coming through the door every month
  • Renovate your home
  • No more collection calls and harassment from credit collection agencies
  • Move to a new home
  • Refit your wardrobe
  • Treat yourself and your family for a vacation

Achieve your dreams. Live the life you deserve. Kill bad credit.

Use a clear, concise and effective guide that saves you money, teaches you how to remove negative items in your credit report and helps you gain financial freedom FAST!

Kill bad credit. Grab a Copy of the Credit Bureau Secrets Exposed Now!

debt consolidation management 2 Jun

How to Be Debt-Free: Simple Strategies to Manage Your Debt

Becoming debt-free does not happen overnight.  You cannot expect a miracle to happen and wake up without debt the next morning.  So if you have outstanding debt, which has been stressing you for quite a while, learn of the top tips on how to be debt free and regain financial freedom sooner.

Effective Ways on How to Be Debt-Free

Pay debt on time

Don’t miss on your monthly payments. Pay on time so that you can avoid paying late fees and higher interest rates.  Now if you want to pay that card with the highest interest rate, you have to put more money on it monthly, while paying a minimum for the other cards.

Find ways to earn income

There are ways to make money from home, including selling your knowledge, such as working as a freelance financial coach, writer, editor or teacher.  You can also be paid for your opinion by filling up surveys or testing products.

List down your debts from largest to smallest

While it may be stressful to look into those monthly bills, you should know where you’re standing by taking all the bills and listing the debts according to interest rate. You may want to consider paying the one with the highest interest rate before the rest.

Set-up an emergency fund

Emergencies happen least expectedly. You must be prepared by having an emergency fund, where to put some of your money so that you’ll be ready when any catastrophic event in your life happens. For a start, you may want to keep $1000 into that emergency savings account for medical bills, car repair and other unexpected bills and expenses.

Create a budget plan

Having a budget is a simple technique that most people fail to do. By having a solid plan, you will know exactly where your money is going. Look into your expenses, including credit card and bank statements. You can also use Excel spreadsheet for tracking your expenses.

Here, you can input categories for every type of expense and set a limit for each.  You must see to it that your budget isn’t going beyond what you’re earning. Consider looking into your previous month’s expenses and determine those you want from needs. This is one of the best ways on how to be debt free to consider.

Treat yourself

Make paying off debt fun – think of it as a season of working on becoming debt-free. It simply means that this season of paying off your debts will eventually come to an end and you need it regain financial freedom. But when you hit each milestone, you should treat yourself. You can watch a movie or have coffee.

De-clutter and sell the items you don’t need

Clean up your closet space and pick those items you don’t need. You may also consider looking around your house and finding items that you can sell and earn money from in places like eBay and Amazon. By selling unwanted items, you can make some money for paying off debt, eventually decreasing your financial burden.

These simple strategies can help you become debt-free sooner than you think you’d be. Create a sound budget plan and stick to it, sell some items you don’t need and set-up an emergency fund, to name a few, and experience financial freedom faster. If you need more advice and tips on how to be debt free, feel free getting in touch with the DSC Consolidation team today!

money management for college students 2 Jun

9 Smart Money Management Tips for College Students

Are you looking for money management tips? Even if you’re still in college, it is not too early to think about your future as well as learn how to handle your finances. The following tips for money management tips for college can help you pass the test in forming a solid foundation when it comes to your personal finances.

Money Management Tips for College Students

  1. Review financial aids and loans: Know the exact debt size you’d have post graduation and make a plan on how to pay that back.
  2. Identify wants and needs: By identifying what you want from what you need, you can realize a budget plan as one of the best money management tips for college students. As a tip, you may want to give yourself a weekly cash allowance and avoid bringing along your debit card.
  3. Do not abuse credit cards: College gives you a start in building your credit. This is the crucial time when you can work on your credit, which is required for buying a car, leasing an apartment or finding a new job. Know the difference of building your credit versus overextending it.
  4. Keep your identity safe: Don’t be a victim of identity theft. Avoid reviewing your balance using a public PC.
  5. Open a checking account: Look for banks offering college students free checking and savings account so that you can avoid fund transfer fees and withdrawal fees.
  6. Create a budget plan and stick with it: This is the first step to managing your finances even when you’ve become a professional who’s earning an income. To start, list your monthly income, such as parental allowances, wages and savings and write your monthly expenses. Write down the costs for your meal plan, laundry, school supplies and personal care items. You can also use finance management apps to make a budget plan.
  7. Shop textbooks wisely: Reference materials and textbooks are big expenses.  You may want to avoid buying those in your bookstore, but use your mobile device to download your books, which are far more affordable than buying them in the bookstore.  You may also want to find used textbooks in some online stores and bookstores. Additionally, do not buy textbooks until you have your syllabus.
  8. Plan your meals: Meal allowances are one of the biggest spending for a college student living away from home.   Plan it ahead and consider a smaller budget for your meals. One tip is to avoid eating at restaurants and preparing your own meals.
  9. Use student discount: There are stores offering this type of discount for college students that you may want to take advantage of before buying anything you need. Using discount codes or vouchers can also save you much money, so be watchful on those.

Follow These Money Management Tips for College Students and Be Stress-Free

There you have a few smart money management for college students. College is the perfect time in building your credit and planning for your financial future.  Create a budget plan and stick with it, provide yourself with a weekly allowance and buy your textbooks wisely, among other things, for a better means of planning your student finances.

If you need more help, get in touch with us at DSC Consolidation today!

stock market investment tips 2 Jun

Beginner’s Stock Market Investment Tips

There is no shortcut to happiness and riches even when investing in the stock market. In your quest to making money through stocks, you must learn about the most essential tips that will help you avoid unnecessary financial risk, but will make your money work for the long-term. So if you’re a beginner in stock market investment, read the following.

Set realistic, long-term goals for stock market investment

Know the reasons you’re investing in the stock market and determine if you need your cash back within a period of time.  Ask yourself and find out if you’re saving for future college expenses or retirement or you’re planning to buy a home.

In short, know your purpose for investing and time you will need those funds back. If you need it sooner, say two years, then you may want to use another investment tool.  Remember, the stock market, for its volatile nature, cannot guarantee that you’d get your capital back by the time you need it.

Manage your emotions

The inability to control emotions is one of the biggest problems of people who invest in the stock market. If you’d take a look at the market, you can notice that the overall prices of companies directly affect and reflect the investment community’s emotions. So when investors are worried, the prices seem to decline; the opposite when they’re feeling positive about the future of the company, and in that case, the prices increase.

When buying stocks, you must determine your reason for it as well as your expectation of the price. You should also know the time to liquidate your holdings during times when reason is invalid or when you did not meet your expectations. Thus, you must have an exit strategy in place and do it unemotionally.

What’s your risk tolerance?

This is the next thing to consider before investing in stocks. Understand your risk tolerance, which is your psychological trait based on genetics but positively influenced by income, education and wealth. For example, risk tolerance seems to increase slightly as those factors increase.

You can determine your risk tolerance by checking on your feelings about risk and level of anxiety you’re feeling in times when risk is tested.

In short, it is the degree of extent to which you choose to risk experiencing a negative outcome because of your pursuit of a positive result. By knowing your tolerance, you can avoid making investments that can lead to anxiety. Do not own assets that will keep you awake at night, for instance.

Learn how to diversify your portfolio

Identify potential risk that will put your position in danger and learn to liquidate your investment before losing money.  One of the best strategies is learning how to diversify your portfolio. For example, you may want to buy stocks of several companies across industries and countries.

At the same time, you can expect that a particular bad event will not affect your entire holdings. Investment diversification can help you recover fast from your total loss with your gains from other companies.

Summing Up

If you’re a beginner in the stock market, follow these tips, including learning how to diversify your portfolio, determining your risk tolerance and managing your emotions, to name some.  For more help, you may contact DSC Consolidation today!

make money from home 2 Jun

How to Make Money from Home

There is no better feeling than being able to buy things for yourself, pay your bills and manage your finances well with a home-based job or business, which lets you earn unlimitedly while enjoying your very own time without commuting to work and dealing with colleagues. But then if you’ve just started working from home and you want to increase your earning potentials, check out the following ways on how to make money from home now.

Make Money From Home: Simple and Effective Ways

  1. Join websites that pay. You can be paid for testing products, doing data entry-jobs or taking surveys. While such opportunities won’t make you rich overnight, they’re some earning opportunities for moms and dads who are looking to increase their income flow.
  2. Work on freelance writing jobs. Earnings vary based on experience and negotiation with clients; usually, it is ranging up to several dollars per 100 words. If you want to do freelance writing jobs, you need to dedicate your time and have the discipline to meet deadlines.
  3. De-clutter and sell stuff. Use sites like Craigslist, Amazon and eBay for your listings. These are good channels for making money from selling. Be sure to have a PayPal account, take pictures of your items, and be honest in your listings.
  4. Blogging is another effective way of making money from home. How can you make money from it? There are simple ways, including affiliate marketing and advertising that can help you generate income through this activity.  Once you become popular, you can also be contacted by companies to test their products or services, and then blog about it on your site. Apart from these, you can also create an e-book and then use your website to promote and sell it.
  5. Sell your knowledge and expertise. For example, services like blog coaching, life coaching and financial planning are in demand. So if you’re a professional in a service area, then you may want to use it to make money from home.
  6. Run virtual errands. You can apply for work-at-home companies, which let you work in front of your home PC. With this setup, you can create your schedule and choose where to work, be in the coffee shop or a park. Just make sure you’re keeping up with the standards and set deadlines of these companies, and you’re all good.
  7. Teach online. One of the best ways of earning money from home is teaching English, exercise or any skills you have. As you may already know, people want to learn and pay for that knowledge. Some of them even pay for classes in dog training or yoga. Being a guru or teacher to host classes, however, need attention to detail and proper planning. Some things to consider include your schedule. For example, what times of the day or night are you willing to offer your students? Next thing is to determine how much your price is for the classes and set it accordingly based on existing prices and your experience, to name some.

Are You Ready to Make Money from Home?

The list above does not comprise all work from home opportunities to earn money, either part time or full time. Nevertheless, making money from home is possible – you can work remotely at your own schedule, while living the life you always wanted. Start with the “make money from home” opportunity that sounds like for you today!

personal finance management 2 Jun

How a Debt Consolidation Company Works

Are you struggling keeping track of your credit card bills, mortgage and other loans?  Are you finding it hard to make on time payments or sometimes you’re forgetting to settle them? If so, then you may be a candidate for the service of a debt consolidation company.  But before jumping into the conclusion of seeking help from one, you should know what to expect and if it is suitable for your situation. Get more guidance by reading below.

What’s A Debt Consolidation Program?

This service is not news at all; in fact, many people have been taking advantage of it for many years.   The concept is rolling your debts into one account so that you will be able to make a single monthly payment instead of having to pay multiple credit card accounts. The service is offered by an organization or company that forwards the monthly payment to the creditors.

debt consolidation

However, the term is sometimes interchanged with other tools. For example, a debt consolidation loan is different from a program because it is a new credit account used in paying off other loans.  So even if the two can produce the same result for you, they do not work in the same manner.

All debt consolidation companies aim at helping you make a single payment, not multiple payments monthly.   If you’re getting debt consolidation loan, you may be able to pay for a lower interest rate than you would with other debts.

Both a debt consolidation service and loan also helps you end up in taking longer time to pay off the debt. 

The difference between a program and a loan is that the latter is used in transferring your debt to the new credit or loan. On the other hand, a debt consolidation program is a type of service that helps in paying off the debts to the creditors.

Debt Consolidation Loan

If you qualify for debt consolidation loan because you have enough disposable income to cover the payment and you have a good credit worthiness score, then the better option may be a loan than a program.  Now before applying for a loan, you must compare the fees available from the different loan companies, and from there, you must decide which one offers you the best solution.

Debt Consolidation Program

It helps you manage your debt with multiple creditors. The service is offered by a for-profit company or a credit-counseling agency that can help you create a plan to eliminate debt within five years in most cases.

The first step to qualify is to have counseling with one of the staffs who will review your financial situation and budget. Later, they will determine if they can help or not, and if they can, they will come up with a repayment plan that works for you. 

Using the program, you may have to pay a setup fee and monthly fees. Compare different organizations and weigh your options well before picking one of them.

Ready to get help from a debt consolidation company?

There you have our guide on how a debt consolidation program or loan can affect your credit score as well as a brief overview about a debt consolidation loan and program.  Hope you picked up something and decide better about which alternative can suit you best today!

Can Debt Consolidation Harm or Help with Credit Score?

The next thing you may want to know when researching for options on debt consolidation is how it will affect your credit score – positively or negatively. There are many forms of debt consolidation plans or programs that exist, but one thing that makes them almost similar with each other is that they have the concept of rolling all the debt from multiple creditors into a single debt, making repayments easier. And when handled correctly, the program can give you that financial freedom in time, relieving you from the stress of having to pay multiple debts at different times of the month.  However, debt consolidation can affect your credit score.

What to know about debt consolidation loan

It’s a type of loan used in paying off other creditors. Take note that it is not a way of reducing debt, but it manages payments. It works by rolling your debt into one payment. Generally, this type of loan also has a lower interest rate than other types of loans.

The credit reporting agencies, on the other hand, are the ones that issue your credit score, which is based on your credit history.

can debt consolidation affect credit score

The credit score is used by the lending institution in determining your credit line and loan risk.  And without even saying, the debt consolidation loan can affect your overall credit standing.

How debt consolidation loan affects your credit score

In most cases, it can affect your score positively because the loan makes it appear that you have paid off your debt for the credit institutions. The loan is like a new credit account.

But in order to make that happen, you need to repay the loan consistently and on time.

Now if you’re using other credit accounts, take note that they also affect your credit score, so you should pay your bills on schedule for continued positive credit standing.

Is there benefit from a debt consolidation loan?

One of its most significant benefits is a single monthly payment. With it, you only need to pay once monthly instead of paying multiple credit accounts every month.

Such simplicity offered by this loan type makes it attractive for many people. It helps them get rid of debt issues, such as late fees.

In addition, the DCL also carries a lower interest rate than other debts, meaning you’re paying less using this type of loan as compared if you’d choose to settle the payments to multiple credit card accounts.

What’s the potential downside?

It is important that you stick with the payments of your debt consolidation loan, and avoid making late or missing payments to it; otherwise, your credit score will drop. So before considering a debt consolidation loan, you need to plan your resources in advance and make sure that you can stick with the monthly payment of a debt consolidation loan.

Bottom Line

The debt consolidation isn’t detrimental to your credit score; in fact, it is one of the best strategies to address your financial struggles and pay off debts easier and faster. And if you’re paying the new loan consistently – on time, then credit agencies will be able to recognize that you’re responsible to resolve your debt issues.