About Us

DSC Consolidation offers free credit and debt help and counseling service, helping thousands of consumers since inception more than a decade ago. Improve your financial well-being and achieve a better life quality with less stress through credit and debt counseling, debt education and management and financial planning services.

We provide free credit and debt help and connect you with financial services and products that match their financial situation and comfort level for a complete financial result. DSC Consolidation’s free credit and debt counseling is dedicated in educating you about your finances – with a personal approach. This will help you learn how you can get your financial freedom back and live a debt-free life.

Our Mission

DSC Consolidation wants to promote financial responsibility to each client through personalized counseling services. We want to empower you so that you can use budgeting skills and develop proper spending behaviors, including using credit cards wisely and managing debt quickly.

Our credit and debt counselors are certified and licensed in the finance and debt management industry as well as individual state regulators and creditors.

Free Credit and Debt Help Online

We can promote and keep topnotch free credit and debt help services.  Our team can also connect you with the different loan  and service providers that match your needs and situation.

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